M'Kinley | "A Child's Dream & Their Fathers Love" the Michael A. Reynolds Memorial Performing Arts Scholarship

This is M'Kinley Story:

My life started out very early. I was born when my mom was only 6 months pregnant. I was born weighing 1lb 12 oz and I was on Life Support for 4 months. I lived on Oxygen for much of my first year of life. I had open heart surgery when I was only 2 weeks old. My parents were told that there was a great chance I would be Deaf, Blind, not be able to Walk and even have Mental Challenges.  I have overcome so much and live today completely healthy. I love School, my youth group, and all of my friends. Dance has always been my only passion. I was first introduced to dance at an early age of 4 to help with some delays I was having. Dance was always something I really enjoyed. I now dance 24/7. Mom often even tells me to stop doing Pierrettes down the aisle at the Grocery Store as I have knocked over items on the shelfs on multiple occasions, and chores become part of my Dance Improvs often. Laundry is more fun when I can dance while doing it.


When choosing the music for my solo piece the Song "Unsteady" by x Ambassadors caught my attention because I could feel the emotion of the song. I love dance but my favorite songs to dance to are those that have emotion, and songs I can feel and can relate to. For me, sometimes life is unsteady. There is ups and downs going through life for everyone. I feel like everybody can relate to Life being a little unsteady from time to time. I went back and forth on my song choice, but when it came right down to it I just felt this song was the right song for my solo and continued coming back to it as my song choice.  I could feel the words of the song and therefore the choreography came natural for it, and it was a fantastic experience working with my father on this peace.

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