Our Story


This is BEGINNING our Story!

Our story starts as many stories do… A single moment in time when an idea forms.  This precise moment in time occurred while a couple was watching their daughter perform during a spring dance recital.  This was the second or third recital they had attended, and enjoyed seeing the joy on the faces of everyone involved, particularly the faces of the children as they participated in creating a magical world through dance.

As the two sat there watching, they decided to do something to give back to this dance community.  The family contacted the director of Stacia’s School of Dance, and offered to privately fund a dance tuition scholarship for one deserving dance student for the next year. At the next recital, the scholarship and its recipient were announced.  

The couple took the next year to watch and see if the scholarship was going to really make a difference.  To their amazement, the scholarship had a huge impact.  The recipient child blossomed brilliantly, and improved so much that she moved to the top level of competitive dance at Stacia’s School of Dance. Inspired by the results, the couple decided to offer the scholarship again the next year, and the yield was even greater.  

This brings us to March 2015, when the couple decide to expand beyond just their own abilities.  From this, ILUV2.DANCE was born, with the hope of providing more students the gift of dance through scholarship, and to eventually expand the program into theater arts as well.

The first named scholarship created is the McKenna Woodlan Scholarship for the Arts.  McKenna, a lifelong dancer who grew up in Stacia’s School of Dance, exhibits the qualities that we want to see by pouring all her heart and soul into her art through dance. McKenna touches everyone she meets through her passion for dance, especially the young girls who currently attend Stacia’s School of Dance and who aspire to follow in her footsteps.