Who We Are


Who WE Are!

ILUV2.DANCE is a DFW based nonprofit working locally to showcase talented performers not just within our communities but to the worldwide stage as well.

Our Objectives: 
1. Provide scholarship opportunities for deserving and needful youth of our communites.
11. Maintain a community outreach program in which we provide local organizations the ability to livestream performing arts events.  

111. Provide like-minded local performing arts groups with guidance and technology needed to implement livestream for their performances and events.

Examples: A local dance studio can work with us to broadcast their recital, or we can help a local community or college theatre group broadcast their performances in real time across the world... Thus instantly allowing these organizations reach a much larger audience and in much more special and personal situation allows parents and family members who are deployed with our armed services to be able to share in the event from across the globe. 

Will you join our mission to bring the performing arts to everyone in our local community?
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