Layla | Anything Can Happen If You Let It Scholarship 2016 | 2017

Layla’s Story

Our granddaughter Layla is the recipient of the “Anything Can Happened If You Let It Scholarship” from ILUV2.DANCE. 

It is an honor to share some of her story with you and the ILUV2.DANCE families.  Layla joined our family three years ago, when both of her parents were no longer able to properly care for her well being.  She was three and a half, and had a very hard time with communication and trust after her past situation.  As our family adjusted to the new changes and challenges thrust upon us and her, we sought to surround her with love and positive experiences. Trauma therapy, occupational therapy and attachment exercises became necessary for her health and healing.

Layla was often a visitor to Stacia's School of Dance studio on various occasions. She looked with longing in the window at the other dancers, and wished to be able to join the other students.  She enjoyed singing and dancing at home,  so when we heard of the scholarships offered by ILUV2.DANCE, we applied with great hope.  When it was announced that our Layla had been selected to receive a scholarship to dance, we were ecstatic! We all waited anxiously for her fall classes to start!


Layla has now completed over seven months of dance, and she has come so far! It took all her courage to participate in three performances, including the Nutcracker.  She still has the Alice in Wonderland recital to look forward to, and works very hard practicing her part.  She has become more coordinated and skilled every week. She has found Kindergarten to be a bit of a challenge for her, but dance is her FAVORITE part of every week!


We are so thankful Layla has had this meaningful, confidence-building opportunity.  We are grateful for the insightful generosity of ILUV2.DANCE.

Chuck and Tamera Lee

Michael Hayes