Kalandra | McKenna Woodlan Scholarship for the Preforming Arts for 2016 | 2017

Kalandra's Story


Kalandra's story as written by her mother Temeka.

Kalandra started dancing when she was on a competitive cheer team for 3 years. She also danced at a performing arts school when she was in 4th grade. After leaving that school, she wanted to continue dance. So we put her at Stacia's School of Dance. This is her 3rd season with Stacia. Although she is a quiet 13 year old, dancing and performing allows her to express herself. Kalandra has a younger sister who also dances at Stacia's. They love dancing at home together. Kalandra loves teaching her sister new skills and techniques. Her little sister, Kamryn, looks up to her.  Receiving this scholarship allowed them to continue that sister bond and dance together. Thank you for believing in Kalandra and allowing her to express herself through dance.


Michael Hayes