Camille | Outstanding Leadership Book Scholarship 2016 | 2017

Camille's Story

This is Camille's Story as told by CAMILLE.

I started taking dance classes when I was five years old. I loved it profoundly. As I got older, my dance teacher would ask me to come early and help with some of the younger classes. This was when I first realized that I loved helping others. I had no idea how that love would grow in me over the years. When I was in high school, I got my first taste of what being a teacher is like. I volunteered to be a student helper in my school's lower grade theatre classes. I helped the children learn their lines, review their choreography, and taught them how to be expressive. It was such a blast! After graduating high school, I did not know what I wanted to pursue in life. I began to feel invisible and that I was not destined to become anything great. It was discouraging to watch the people around me chase their dreams when I had none. 



Thankfully, during my time in high school, I started attending Stacia's School of Dance. The short two years that I was enrolled as a student changed my life for the better. I grew not just as a dancer, but as a person too. During that difficult time post-high school, Stacia hired me as her assistant. I was back doing something I loved, and it was incredibly fulfilling. I was learning not only how to be an effective teacher, but also a compassionate and patient person. Around the same time, I became an assistant stage manager for Family Music Theatre. Under the teachings of the stage manager, David Johns, I continued to grow the skills needed to be a leader.  While in college, I have also been studying music under Dr Sam Germany. He has been another incredibly influential person in my life. He also saw a natural born teacher in me and has helped stretch me to believe that for myself.   



Whether it is at the dance studio or at FMT, I feel enormously blessed to have found a place to combine and live out all of my passions. They both have become home for me over the years. It is where I have learned to not shy away from the opportunities that scare me, but rather to run towards them.  All of these extraordinary leaders in my life have taken the time to encourage and push me to achieve my potential in life. I hope to become a leader and teacher of their magnitude one day. 

I am incredibly thankful for ILuv2.Dance for seeing those passions of mine and recognizing my love for teaching. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to continue my education. It is a great honour and blessing to have received this scholarship. Thank you.