Stacia's School of Dance | Spring Recital Video

Stacia's School of Dance | Spring Recital Video

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ILUV2.DANCE NFP is proud to partner with Stacia’s School of Dance for the 2018 Recital Video. We have partnered with a professional video editing group whom will volunteering their time to edit the recital recordings into a final video production for each show.

Video Disc & Links to download the digital files will be provided once the video editing has completed. This is expected to be completed on or before mid August 2018 and links to downloads sent out around the time of fall shoe sales.

All proceeds from the sales of the Video Discs and Digital Downloads will be going to ILUV2.DANCE General Fund which will be utilized to fund scholarships, and provide directional grants for Stacia’s School of Dance and its Students.

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